Youth Ab crunch machine

The Ab Crunch Machine is designed specifically for  elementary school aged children. It has a compound movement using the arms to create a crunch that works the abdominals. This unique design is an advanced alternative to sit ups– and acts as a great tool for teaching children the proper way to do crunches in order to avoid injury. It has also been popular in rehab centers and school settings across the nation. The elementary version has a red powder-coated finish and comfortable, cushioned seat with back support. This machine has protective coverings on all cylinders and built-in wheels for easy mobility and storage.

There are many benefits of exercise for children. It is just as important for our kids to learn healthy living involving good nutrition and plenty of exercise. Exercise comes in many different forms from using exercise equipment, your own body weight or just plain ole running around playing tag, soccer, dancing and many other activities. Exercise for kids is very important not only for the body but for the brain of a child. Children who get regular exercise on a daily basis are proven to do better in school. This is being proven over and over again. Exercise has many benefits including building self esteem, developing muscles and coordination, promotes learning and helps in aiding in preventing disease.

Manufacturing Details:

Product dimensions: L 38″ x W 40″ x H 66″

Product weight: 165lbs

Weight limit: 250lbs


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