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Wii DDR Energy Fit Plus for Class


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including the following

1 Wii System,
1 Wii Fit Plus Game,
1 Wii DDR the Hottest Party game,
1 Wii Sports Game,
1 Wii Sports Resort Game,
1 Wii EA Sports Active Game,
1 Wii Fit Balance board,
1 Wii 2GB SD memory card,
1 Wii Component cable,
1 Wii Fit Rechargeable Battery,
1 Wii Fit Bag,
1 Wii Fit Protective Sleeve,
1 Wii Fit StepUp Raiser
1 Wii Dual Remote Charger,
1 Wii Leg strap,
1 Wii Resistance band,
1 Wii Carrying bag,
8 Wii Fit Mat,
2 Wii Remote controllers,
2 Wii Nunchuks ,
2 Wii MotionPlus,
2 Wii Tennis rackets,
2 Wii Golf clubs,
2 Wii Steering wheels ,
2 Wii Baseball bats,
7 Fitstep boards,
2 DDR Energy Metal Dance Pads for Wii,
6 DDR Non-slip Training pads without cables
8 DDRGame Digital Pedometers