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Play Parachutes


These colorful parachutes are the standard for institutional parachute play. These recreational parachutes are perfect for group activities at pre schools, elementary schools, camps, festivals and children’s clubs. Available in five sizes.

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Game variations limited only to your imagination Students enjoy playing with the parachute and at the same time develop movement awareness, balance coordination, flexibility and agility. These deluxe parachutes are made of double stitched nylon and mesh covered center.

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6’ Parachute (6 Handles)
PS072P-3, 12’ Parachute (12 Handles)
PS073P-3, 20’ Parachute (16 Handles)
PS074P-3, 24’ Parachute (20 Handles)
PS075P-3, 30’ Parachute (24 Handles)