Play parachutes are a fun inexpensive way for kids to get exercise and have fun.  They come in various sizes and are great for building up your child’s muscle fitness in the upper body. They help develop coordination, endurance and teamwork.  Play parachutes are great for elementary P.E classes and  game variations are limited only to your imagination. Students enjoy playing with the parachute and at the same time develop movement awareness, balance coordination, flexibility and agility.  Our young children enjoy rhythmical and musical activities, older people find it enjoyable also and would be a great addition to the activity room at a senior center.

These deluxe parachutes are made of double stitched nylon and mesh covered center.


Examples of some play parachute games

  • Popcorn: Place a number of beanbags, small balls, or cotton balls onto the parachute. Shake to make them pop up like “popcorn”.
  • Parachute Tag: Lift the parachute high into the air. Call out two children’s names. They must trade empty spots by running under the chute, before it comes down on them.
  • Mushroom: Standing, lift the parachute waist height. Count to three – with “one” and “two” being small  lifts. On three, all lift the parachute overhead, and crouch down pulling the parachute edges down as well. This creates what looks like a mushroom.
    1. Have each child hold the parachute with one hand-with the opposite arm extended straight out for balance.
    2. Run clockwise in one direction and then change to counter clock .


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