What causes poor eating habits?

– every child has different nutritional needs based on their height, weight, activity level, allergies, etc….

– a poor example will foster poor eating habits

– the food choices availablem if junk food is available more than healthy choices then junk food is going to be eaten more often

– a child’s emotions may push them into overeating, this is a pattern you want to be aware of and watch out for early as it can be very problematic if it continues throughout life

– medical conditions and medication may affect a child’s appetite inhibiting their ability to learn when they’re truly hungry and not hungry, full and not full, etc.

– likewise frequent illnesses can lead to bad habits and repetive choices

– frequent stops at fast food restaurants and drive thrus

– too few meals during the day, in our hurried lifestyles meal skipping becomes more and more normal

– lack of food education when they haven’t learned early what foods are good for them and what foods are not good for them and more importantly the cause and effect that can happen from it

– inactivity and poor eating habits seem to go hand in hand particularly in children

– struggles and arguments between parent and child over what to eat and not eat can lead to poor choice making

– anxiety and stress plays a large role in decisions about food even for children

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