Balancing Electronics Time with Physical Activity

Today’s children are experienced users of a lot of electronic devices. Items such as computers,
cell phones, televisions and gaming consoles are a part of most children’s lives. With so many
options children tend to spend more time in front of one of these devices than they do anything else.
This is causing the amount of time they spend doing any physical activity to diminish.We need to Balance
Electronics time with physical activity.

According to a survey made by the Kaiser Family Foundation, today’s young generation ages 8-18 is
spending an average of 7.5 hours of time in front of some type of electronic device. The effects and
recommended time spent with electronic media is debatable. If you feel that your child’s electronic
media consumption is unhealthy, try to balance it out using these tips.

Guide, not deprive- Almost every kid now has his own computer or cell phone both of which can be important
learning and communication tools. It’s important to teach your child to surf the internet wisely. You may
want to install an internet content filtering program to ensure safe web whereabouts for your child. For cell
phone usage enroll in a family plan so you can give your child allowance minutes, instead of giving him an adult
rate plan.

Availability- Don’t put the computer or television inside your child’s room. This way, you can supervise
their usage and hover behind them from time to time. This will also limit the time your child spends using
them after their bedtime. Keep entertainment alternatives out within easy reach, like game boards, puzzles
or bikes. Seeing these items may turn your child’s interest away from the electronics.

Convert to quality time- Invest in a family game like Wii sports- that way your child will have physical
play and quality time with you while having his video game dose. Use the internet to communicate with your child.
Send him texts, emails and instant messages from time to time.

In order to live a well-rounded healthy lifestyle physical activity should be incorporated into your child’s daily
activities. Use of entertainment media is helpful if only done in moderation. Responsible parenting is important
to keep children from abusing their use. Be a good role model and exercise consistency in setting limits.