Exercise Videos
for Kids

Do your children spend more time inside playing video games, watching tv and computer games than playing outside? If so your not alone. Children today are far more sedentary and the lack of physical activity and proper nutrition are causing obesity which leads to diabetes, high blood pressure and many other ailments. Getting your children up and moving will improve their health now and instill good health and fitness habits that will last a lifetime. Exercise videos are a great way to get your child up and moving. Check out some of our videos we offer:  

Children Love to exercise along with this program. The moves are easy to follow along with, while being fun & exciting enough to keep kids interested. This program involves some of the same effective movements found in Martial Arts & Fitness classes, but uses a NON-VIOLENT APPROACH.
The muscle mechanics are exactly the same, but the violent characteristics of throwing a punch has been eliminated.



This is a high energy, entertaining workout for kids ages 4 – 12. Each workout contains non-stop exercises designed specifically for children to help increase body awareness, balance, flexibility, coordination and strength while at the same time providing a fun and creative way for kids to burn off extra energy. The rhythm and drive that are in each move will keep your child active and motivated to be their best!

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are workouts that improve balance, coordination, agility, strength… and FIGHT OBESITY!  Kids 5-11 yrs. love this exercise DVD. And you’ll see them more interested in heing active & healthy.

THOUSANDS OF TEACHERSuse the Energy Blasts in their classrooms. Play a one minute fifteen second ‘Blast’…. or 65 of them in a row! Watch as your kids LOVE getting tired! 


are five and ten-minute workouts for kids 8 – 13.  They’re teacher tested… and ready for home!  Now kids can exercise in front of the TV, instead of just watching it!

Teachers in classrooms around N. America use them to motivate their students. Kids are happier, smiling and more able to concentrate after a workout



Chicken Fat –
The Youth Fitness Video," was created by us so that children could experience the fun we as children had exercising to the Chicken Fat song. In the sixties and seventies Chicken Fat was part of thousands of elementary and middle school physical fitness programs.