Urban rebounders are the ultimate mini trampoline


The Urban Rebounding System is the powerful total body workout
that is in nearly 3,000 health clubs
worldwide (Bally’s, Crunch, Equinox, Gold’s, New York Sports
Clubs, Sports Club LA, and the YMCA’s, to name a few).

New York Magazine ranked Urban Rebounding
# 1
. A growing number of books are devoting whole
chapters to the benefits of rebounding: Anthony Robbins’
“Unlimited Power”, “Fit For Life”, and “The Detox Book”.

Urban Rebounder Difference

Now you can
do Urban Rebounding in your home. In just 20 minutes a
day, 3 times a week
, the Urban Rebounding Workout
melts pounds of fat away, without any pain or stress on your
joints. And it’s so much fun it’s the first exercise you’ll
actually look forward to! It also improves your balance and
coordination, which is good news for athletes and seniors.

Urban Rebounding is also safe. In proper form, your feet barely
leave the surface. You don’t jump high, you jump strong. And First
Timers can use the Training Bar until they get the hang of it,
like training wheels on a bicycle.

Rebounding was created by J.B. Berns, a practicing martial
artist for over 20 years, whom
Fitness Magazine called one of the top personal trainers
in the country. The Urban Rebounding Workout has it’s lineage
in martial arts and core abdominal postures, resulting in a
non-stop abdominal workout that melts away the fat and inches,
strengthens your core and improves your balance and
coordination like no other exercise!

has been using rebounding to train their
astronauts for years. A N.A.S.A study called rebounding a “miracle
”. N.A.S.A. found that rebounding was 68%
more efficient than treadmills or other forms of exercise. N.A.S.A.
also found rebounding to be helpful in rebuilding the bone mass
and muscle mass that astronauts lose in the weightlessness of

The Cornell
Hospital for Special Surgery found in their study on Urban
Rebounding that participants who used the Urban Rebounding Program
for 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week for one month showed nearly a
70% improvement in balance and coordination. That’s going to help
prevent injuries!

The Urban
Rebounder is specifically designed for Urban Rebounding Workouts.
The mini trampolines found in mass merchandise stores are not
built to hold up under the rigors of rebound exercise, and they
may not be safe. The Urban Rebounder can hold a
90-pound dancer or a 300-pound football player
. It
is made of high yield steel. Its jumbo tapered springs and steel
pins are strong enough to absorb all the shock that your body
would otherwise be subjected to on a hard, unforgiving surface.
And its 1000-stitch surface is soft enough to bounce an egg, yet
rugged enough to last a lifetime. No mini trampoline measures up.

TV Special Promotion includes:
(This rebounder is with the Adult DVD’s)

1. Folding Urban Rebounder
2. Stabilizing Bar
3. 3 Workout Videos (DVD or VHS) – First Timers, Basic &

Due to the weight of this piece.  Shipping is $29.95

Kids package includes Rebounder and kids exercise DVD’s ( This rebounder is with Kids DVD’s)

1. Folding Urban Rebounder
2. Stabilizing Bar

Kids First Timers – 30 min.
Kids Basic – 30 min.
Kids Intermediate – 30 min.
Kids Advanced – 30 min


This one comes with the Kids exercise DVD’s

Due to the weight of this piece.  Shipping is $29.95