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Brain Bike


The Brainbike is a fully-functional exercise bike with a multi-media PC that combines exercise and learning. Gamercize technology interacts with the Brainbike by simply activating the mouse when you are pedaling, the stopping the mouse when you are not. With 22 brain-stimulating exercises developed by medical specialists, the NeuroActive program is the only brain-fitness program that uses and advanced artificial intelligence and a series of word problems and visual exercises to train the entire brain and sharpen 16 cognitive functions.


NeuroActive Brain Bike

Fitness for the Brain!
The NeuroActive Brain Bike by Motion Fitness is a fun and easy to use brain training workout. It delivers a complete set of brain stimulation exercises designed to keep your brain sharp, healthy and youthful, plus give you a more active and balanced lifestyle.How it works
Simple and user-friendly 3D program includes 22 exercises that each take four to six minutes to complete. The program’s advanced artificial intelligence continuously analyzes user’s performance, then adapts and customizes the training to the user’s skills.
Developed by a team of neuropsychologists and medical specialists, the BrainBikeXG powered by Neuroactive, is a brain-fitness program that improves both your brain and your life with a diverse array of fun and easy brain exercises that revitalize every aspect of your cognitive, psychological and physical health.Over 22 Brain Fitness Games
Key Improvement Areas
Semantic Categorization
Selective Attention
Hand Eye Coordination
Visual Scanning
Behavioral Inhibition
Cognitive Control
Behavioral Flexibility
Working Memory
Episodic Memory
Temporal Order Memory
Visuo-spatial Skills
Temporal Perception
Word Naming
Processing Speed
Save Time
Combine your cardio and brain workouts in one time-saving, brain-and body-pumping session. You’ll be amazed how fast time flies!

Save Money
More and more gyms around the world are providing their members the chance to train smarter on the world’s first brain and body fitness equipment.

Be Healthy
You hit the gym and eat right, and you’re looking great. So long as you’re pedaling away on that recumbent bike, why not sharpen the old gray matter too? Get your brain in top shape with 22 fun, mind-sharpening exercises that leave Sudoku in the dust!