Youth Exercise bikes Bump Exercise to a New Level

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Youth fitness Interactive Exercise bike

Realistic feel. Reliable performance. Eye-catching design. Quality and ingenuity are built into every Expresso Bike. They’re fully integrated, commercial-grade and built for years of continuous use. Choose a model below to learn more.
Facility managers, YMCA’s and schools now have a cardio bike with great interactive features and designed to fit the smaller sizes of 5th – 8th grade kids. The real winners are healthier fitter kids – they will have so much fun working out that it won’t even seem like exercise!
Discover a rich, interactive training environment, with fitness tools and personalization features designed to create a captivating fitness experience that keeps members coming back for more.


664 Total body Kids Cycle
This total body exercise machine works with both upper and lower body at the same time or individually. The onboard computer provides different programs according to the needs of the user and the instructor. Bike is fully adjustable and the built in wheel system makes this unit extremely portable. User can exercise using only the cycle section, use only the upper body or may choose to use both at the same time.Elementary Model 664 Grades 3-6
Junior Model 665 Grades 6-9        $2195.95

fitness and kids-spin bike 658/659 Cardio spin bike
Fully adjustable child sized “spin” bike.  These executive bikes come in bright yellow or purple-red graphics.  Package comes with programming schedule.Elementary model 658: Grades 3-6 Elementary model is in White.
Junior model 659: Grades 6-9             $1295.95

 Brain Bike  The Brainbike is a fully-functional exercise bike with a multi-media PC that combines exercise and learning. Gamercize technology interacts with the Brainbike by simply activating the mouse when you are pedaling, the stopping the mouse when you are not. With 22 brain-stimulating exercises developed by medical specialists, the NeuroActive program is the only brain-fitness program that uses and advanced artificial intelligence and a series of word problems and visual exercises to train the entire brain and sharpen 16 cognitive functions.